Birthdays are Special at Express!!!

To kids birthdays are very special events. Birthdays are for laughing with friends and family, for acknowledging another year’s growth, for getting cards and presents, and for eating lots of cake and ice cream. But most of all, birthdays are for having the most fun a kid can possibly have in one day.

Over the years, it can really test a parents’ creativity to find something really exciting to do for their children on their birthday. We have a proven winner at Express Cheer – Dallas!

Most party centers and amusement parks are fairly unstructured, meaning that kids are often let loose with little supervision to have a good time by themselves, not as a group. Depending on the kid, that can mean fun or fear. Part of the enjoyment of a birthday party is doing things together with invited friends. At our Birthday Parties, our trained “party partners” know how to keep an entire group of kids together smiling.

Through a series of group games and gym play events, kids are treated to a party unlike anything they have ever experienced before. All of the activities are carefully designed for the specific age level of the participating group, and every activity is safe, exciting and challenging for every child regardless of their physical abilities.

Our standard party is 90 minutes: the first 60 minutes is spent in the gym with structured games and gym play followed by 30 minutes in separate section of the gym where cake and ice cream can be served and/or presents opened. We will provide tables and chairs, table covering and non-helium balloons. You must provide your own cake and refreshments. If you wish to provide us with your own decorations, let our staff know ahead of time. Due to time constraints, please drop off your decorations by 6pm the day prior to your party.

If you reserve a time period, you may set up or decorate your assigned party room 15 minutes before your party is scheduled to begin. At the end of the party period, you have no more than 10 minutes to leave the party room. We will sweep and clean the party area after your event.


Party Fees

$25000up to 15 children
  • Additional 5 children – add $50 (block pricing)
  • Additional blocks of 5 may be purchased at $50 per block

Book Your Party

To book a Birthday Party, please visit the front desk of the Walnut Hill Rec Center. If you have questions, please call us at 214-351-4489.


Download and complete the Birthday Party Contract form.

Download Birthday Party Contract