Stunt Private Lessons

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Stunt Private Lessons are a wonderful way for your athlete to work on specific skills with more attention from a great Express Coach.


  • Check with the front desk for specific availability.
  • All private lessons are scheduled directly with the coach.
  • Pay for the desired number of lessons.
  • To reserve your spot, you must pay in advance.


  • If you cancel a lesson, 24 hour notice is required.
  • Failure to contact the instructor 24 hours prior to the lesson will result in the forfeit of lesson payment.


  • All continuous lessons will be required to put their lesson on auto pay.
    (payment to the gym)
  • The portion paid to coach must be in check or cash.
    (please make payable to the coach)

2-5 Students*

$60per hour
  • Lesson Fee – $50
  • Gym Fee – $10
*You must supply your own stunt group or partner for stunting.


Regardless of the number of participants the lesson cost is the same.

For example:

  • A lesson with co-ed stunt group (2 participants) will be $60, or $30 each.
  • A lesson with a stunt group (4 participants) will be $60, or $15 each.

The instructor may have more than one group in a lesson. The lesson cost is the same regardless.